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Who should take care of the uninsured?

I was asked to participate in a health fair on Friday October 22nd at the Woodstock Baptist Church. As I walked through this massive church I couldn't believe the amount of people that were there for services. I would estimate that well over 1000 men ,women and children were there to see the Doctor's and volunteers that were there for 3 days to treat their every need. I heard from the people that i examined that told me that they had arrived at 1am to get in line to see the medical doctor's,dentist's and the eye doctor's. I know for a fact that we turned people away at the end of every day due to lack of time. I saw so much  eye disease that had gone untreated due to lack of insurance and of course money. Today, October 29th we treated one of the gentlemen that i had seen for Glaucoma. His intraocular pressures were approximately 40 in his right eye with definite loss of field of vision.I prescribed Lumigan and Instructed him in my broken Spanish to see me in 3 weeks. He has no insurance and his finances barely cover a roof over his head and put groceries on the table. Suffice it to say we will not charge him but I have been haunted by the amount of people in trouble out there. Who is going to care for them? We all want to give back and be good stewards but do we draw a line? When do we draw a line? My father told us many stories of the depression era and the one that I have never forgotten was about his grandfather. He had very little money left but he did have a small grocery store. People would come in to get food with no money. My dad asked his grandfather how come he would give food to these people without money. He responded, " we should always give to those with less than we have." My question to you is should we follow my great grandfathers advise? Just a thought. Stuart Tasman